About Us

A little bit of History.

As sisters, we grew up seeing our mother on the sewing machine. Cutting out patterns, making dresses, and thobes for our father and brothers. we would go in her room where there would always be bags of cloth, elastics and buttons. we would spend what seemed like hours, walking behind her in cloth stores not understanding her fascination for pieces of cloth, wrapped in bundles that look nothing like dresses. As a little girl, I always knew when Ramadhan was almost over. It would be when "Umi" starts taking out her bags of cloth and measuring us to make our Eid dresses. We would fall asleep on her bed to the sound of the machine running, knowing when we wake up, our clothes would be ironed and hanging behind our door.

As we got older, she eventually made my sisters wedding dresses. I told myself "I wont be buying my wedding dress, "Umi" would make it", and that she did! (but not without my constant bugging and nagging, making sure she got every detail of her last daughter's wedding dress.) It felt like a tradition I needed to experience.

How it all started.

It all started with a need, with my sister wanting to provide for her three children on her own with out having to be out working. Taking advantage of the lack of modest fashionable clothing in Trinidad & Tobago as well as the Caribbean, "Libas Haya" started reselling Abayas, Dresses and hijabs.

A leap of faith.

why we decided to design our own brand? 

We wanted to provide Muslim women with something Different, Unique and Exclusive. Our goal is to design with a purpose and make clothing that is Functional, Long-lasting and Comfortable. Thus we literally put pen to paper and started sketching. And yes, we design our items and our products are not wholesaled from popular cheap Chinese manufactures. So besides just the looks there are a number of things (including time effort and thought) that go into our clothing, which makes us Exclusive.


Doing something repetitive without thought, will not lead to creativity, unlock hidden talents or fulfill dreams. The only way to truly know, is by taking a leap of faith, trying new things and finding a skill that is unique to you. 

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