High waist, full flare maxi skirts.


Our Raahah Niqaab Collection is designed with two elements that are essential for niqabi's  "Comfort" and "Grace"! 

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Huda Collection

Welcome the new school year with our Huda Collection's exclusive Uniform Abayas! Made adjustable for the perfect fit, these easy-to-wear khimars and niqabs will have you looking your best from the first day of class to the last! Shine with confidence with Libas Haya Exclusives for back to school!

Effortlessly wearable, timeless Collections that celebrate Modest femininity.


  • High Quality Guaranteed & Made To Last!

    Quality Control is important to us. Since our products are not produced on a massive scale, we have the advantage of ensuring our items have consistency and is given its due attention, which produces quality & guarantees multiple wears.

  • Exclusively Designed

    All our products are designed by our team and made striclty to our specifications.

  • Our Aim

    Our goal at Libas-Haya Exclusives is to eventually become brand that is size inclusive to all women and cater to their needs, with that in mind our items have been designed to be Nursing Friendly, ensuring that Mothers are not left out.

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Hijab Accessories

The basics for your hijab.