The Perfect Niqab For New Niqabis!

The Perfect Niqab For New Niqabis!

Congratulations! Mabrouk🎊

Before we get into this blog,we just want to congratulate you ukhti,for such an important and possibly the biggest decision you've had to make.In a time when the norm is to reveal your body to the world in the name of freedom,you Chose to add another layer to your modesty.You made a decision that is between you and Allah and no one else has a right over.

Of course it wasn't easy and everyone's niqab journey is different,some of us didn't have to think too much about it,while others had to face the negative pressures from family members and friends,which aren't so encouraging.So reaching this far is 'a big deal',may Allah bless you and guide us all with pure intentions. Ameen.

Let's dive right in!

Yes it's exciting and you want to get right into building your Niqab wardrobe,but take these into consideration when shopping for your niqabs,they will save you and make your niqab journey a whole lot easier!


Niqab Basics

1.The Style

Generally there are 3 main stlyes of niqabs

The Single layer Niqab.

The Half Niqab. 

The layered Niqab.(that flips to the back)

all of these can vary in sizes


                                             The Single layer Niqab

                                              Single layer tie back Niqab

                                                          Single layer tie back Niqab,Niqab by:Libas-Haya Exclusives


This Niqab is made of a single layer of soft fabric with a headband that ties to the back.It covers the whole face including the forhead, this is also known as full Niqab.In this category is also the popular Niqab worn these days known as the Saudi style Niqab which is shorter and has elastic at the sides, to keep the Niqab together.

                                                 Black Saudi style niqab with elsatic sides

                                        Black Saudi style Niqab with elastic sides.Niqab by:Libas-Haya Exclusives.


                                                       The Half Niqab

                                                  Half Niqab in black with single layer niqab by libas-haya exclusives

                                                             Black Half Niqab, Niqab by: Libas-Haya Exclusives


 The Half Niqab like the single layer Niqab can vary in size,but only covers the half of the face without the headband at the forhead,hence the name half Niqab,these niqabs are alot smaller in size,easier and preferred by new niqabis.They are tied or have elastic at the back of the head.


                                                   The layered Niqab


                                            Layered  Niqab  ,Niqab By:Libas Haya Exclusives

These Niqabs are absolutely gorgeous,they usually have more than one layer to the front and additional layers that flip to the back,they are made in different lengths and have a beautiful feminine look,although they are beautiful,I wouldn't recommend that you start with these,because of the several layers of cloth attached to them,but master this and they will make you feel like a Queen!


2. Factors to consider 

With that in mind, there are other factors that you would want to keep in mind,on your perfect Niqab hunt,like how easy it is for you to eat and drink in, your lifestyle, your job etc,but the most important is the fabric,essentially you would want a fabric that is comfortable,breathable and soft against the skin.These are essential when wearing the niqab all day long.

So in the end,there is no one Niqab that is perfect, beacuse everyone would have their own preferrence,but we hope this will help in choosing the right Niqab for you!

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