How to care for your Abayas, so they last longer!

How to care for your Abayas, so they last longer!

Abaya Care 101

How to make your Abayas last longer

You got your abaya, flaunted it well, (maybe with some pictures for the 'gram), and now your ready to throw it in the wash, ....but wait! don't do it just yet.   Below are our "Abaya care 101" tips, that you just might want to consider. We put together these tips to help keep your abaya last longer, while looking new and save you from completely ruining your abaya altogether.     

Abaya care 101 tips

Tip 1

  • Know your material

 This very well might be one of the most important information you need to know, as it helps with understanding how your abaya reacts to high
temperatures, shrinkage and fading. As an example with our Taahirah Abaya we used a high quality Nida fabric that is gorgeous for abayas, for this we recommend NOT using high heat temperatures when drying or ironing because it can lead to shrinkage, since this material is good for everyday use it can also be machine washed without causing damage. As apposed to our satin dresses that have delicate embroidery or a sequence material or netting, they can be tangled and they require special care when washing.
Tip 2

  • Read your Care label

Most garments come with labels that have symbols that are meant to be followed , with regards to washing and ironing. Read our blog post on  "Garment care symbols and what they mean".

Tip 3 

  • Storing, maintaining & Ironing:

 Maintaining your Abaya
Fabrics that are easily stained should be washed as soon as possible to avoid long lasting stains that cannot be removed .
Fabrics easily absorb odors, to prevent your abayas from absorbing unwanted odors, store them in a place that is less likely to trap smells ,or in garment bags if the abayas are not meant for everyday use.
Most garments once taken out of the dryer  and are hanged, do not need ironing. If your abayas do need ironing, then the safest way is to use a hand held steamer this way the fabric is less likely to get damages or loose its shine. If you use an iron , avoid placing the iron directly on to the fabric, instead place  a cloth over your abaya then iron,  this prevents iron patterns , snags or burns on your abaya.

Taahirah Abaya, nursing friendly puff sleeve abaya, in Black.

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